Pediatric surgery

Pediatric surgery

In recent years, there is a tendency for an increase in malformations in children, as well as diseases that require surgery observation and surgery. Doctors of the department of pediatric surgery in leading Israeli hospital Tel Aviv Medical Clinic conduct comprehensive diagnostics, put the correct diagnosis, and to select individual treatment regimen and is carried out surgical intervention if necessary.

Our clinic equipped with modern equipment, which helps with the 100% accurately detect abnormalities at an early stage. Our surgeons have extensive knowledge and skills to perform complex surgical procedures. Doctors help parents cope with a stressful situation and find an approach to each child, to the operation went without tears. Our specialists work closely with charitable funds and help raise the necessary funds for the rescue of the child.

When do you need to see a specialist?

Most of the time, the child can 't explain what hurts. Therefore, parents should pay attention to the change in the behavior of their babies. Here are a few reasons for seeing a doctor:

  • The child is injured chest, abdomen, waist, or groin.
  • If the baby has a congenital disease or defect that requires surgery.
  • A routine annual inspection of a pediatric surgeon.
  • If a baby has increased scrotum or suspected in the absence of one or two scrotal testes.

The pediatric consultation surgeon will examine, collect medical history, comprehensive survey hold the body. Then, based on the data, select individual programs of treatment, with the patient's age, presence of singularities.

What diseases treated in our department of pediatric surgery.

Tel Aviv Medical Clinic clinic treatment specialists conducted the following pathologies:

  • removing tumors;
  • adhesions ileus;
  • Dysplastic and dystrophic bone pathology;
  • closed abdominal injury;
  • acute suppurative pneumonia;
  • hernia;
  • appendicitis and its complications.

It is worth noting that in our department of surgery, help provide highly-qualified assistance, but we are reasonable prices, both in the public institutions. People turn to us parents of young patients from around the world.