Acoustic neuroma (vestibular schwannoma): symptoms, diagnosis, treatment

Acoustic neuroma (vestibular schwannoma): symptoms, diagnosis, treatment

An acoustic neuroma in medicine is called neuroma of the auditory nerve, the vestibular schwannoma. A slow growth rate characterizes a benign neoplasm. For decades, pathology does not cause vivid symptoms. The location of schwannoma is the sheath of the auditory nerves - cranial nerves, the eighth pair. Nerves connect the vestibular, sensory apparatus, brain stem. Thanks to the eighth pair of nerves, auditory function and balance are ensured.

The reasons for the development of acoustic neuroma have not established. At-risk are patients with rare genetic diseases, neurofibromatosis of the second class. The presence of vestibular schwannoma in people with a dominant, autosomal type of inheritance noted.

Symptoms of the vestibular schwannoma

In a state of progression, acoustic neuromas do not cause discomfort. The patient feels the first signs after reaching a large tumor. The primary symptom - acute pain - indicates the effect of the neoplasm on the nerve. Typical symptoms of a neuroma:

  • In the area of ​​the damaged ear canal - noise, ringing;
  • Hearing impairment. A sudden loss of hearing, a gradual deterioration in the perception of sounds is allowed. Unilateral development;
  • Attacks of dizziness, sudden loss of balance;
  • Lack of stability, weakness, impaired coordination of movements;
  • The appearance of numbness in the front;
  • In rare cases, the mobility of muscle tissue decreases.

Diagnosis of Acoustic Neuroma

The initial diagnosis of a patient with suspected vestibular schwannoma begins with a neurological examination. The specialist conducts a thorough survey, analysis, is going to anamnesis. Based on the received data, a diagnostic program generated. It includes:

  • Computed tomography. Detection of tumor formations with a dimension of one centimeter;
  • Audiogram. Acoustic neuroma characterized by the presence of unilateral sensorineural hearing loss. It noted in ninety percent of cases;
  • Magnetic resonance imaging. Used to detect small neuromas. If necessary, contrasting is applied.

Acoustic Neuroma Treatment at Tel Aviv Medical Clinic

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