Center support for parents and children

Center support for parents and children

Scientists and physicians have made significant progress in the treatment of children with dangerous blood diseases and cancer. A good result is achieved due to several factors, including the level of service offered by the medications and therapies, training of doctors, hospital equipment.

The choice is clear 

Why people from all over the world go to the Israeli Tel Aviv Medical Clinic:

  • In Tel Aviv Medical Clinic operates a unique approach to the treatment of young patients.
  • A child and his parents will be provided with a full range of services that deliver top quality, comfortable wards, attention, and care staff.
  • We have the best-experienced doctors who practice in the world-renowned centers, specialized medical training.
  • We use expensive, but the most effective and without severe consequences of chemotherapy drugs, advanced equipment, sparing the optimal treatment techniques.
  • First, the child undergoes a thorough diagnosis with increased accuracy, eliminating errors. And it is essential, given that cancer and blood diseases in the early stages can be treacherous to hide behind the symptoms characteristic of other pathologies.
  • Prices, as in state clinics.
  • Provide financial support to those who can not pay for the treatment of the child. We help everyone connected with the charity funds, which are strictly cooperating.
  • We know how much we need the help of experts in the rehabilitation period.

How does the support center?

When the department of pediatric oncology and hematology center was opened, in which parents and their children, going through a difficult phase of life can get professional help. A serious illness is undoubtedly a huge test, both for toddlers or adolescents, and for adults, who are forced to observe the torment of their children. The treatment of oncological or hematological pathologies is a laborious process, exhausting morally and physically, lengthy.

Cut off from the familiar world of the children and parents enter the hospital walls, where every day moves through the stages of therapy and manipulation. The Support Center does everything to treatment, and recovery is more comfortable. Conduct psychological conversations with parents and children to try to entertain, so that they at least temporarily forget about his illness, did not feel physical discomfort, and continued to enjoy life.