Children's cardiology

Children's cardiology

Cardiology, especially children, is the most expensive and complicated field in medicine. Diseases associated with heart problems are usually congenital. Children are already born with a heart defect and require special attention. Poor ecology, stress, poor nutrition, low physical activity can lead to premature mortality.

Cardiovascular pathologies in the younger generation are carried out by a children’s cardiologist. For treatment to give a positive result, it must be a doctor of the highest category. It is such professionals who work in the Israeli clinic Tel Aviv Medical Clinic, loving their work, sensitive and attentive to children and their parents. For qualified assistance, hundreds of small patients come to our Department of Children’s Cardiology from different countries every year, who are brought by parents concerned about their condition.

What are the challenges facing a pediatric cardiologist?

The goal of Tel Aviv Medical Clinic doctors is to make sure that the little heart functions normally, so are held:

  • Early diagnosis, to detect malformations in the initial stages.
  • Study of cardiovascular pathologies and their elimination.
  • Treatment of craniological diseases using effective methods.
  • Preventive measures.

Our specialists use the most modern equipment and unique technologies, which allows them to fight diseases successfully.

What problems addressed to a child cardiologist?

Much depends on parents, namely the timely detection of pathology and measures taken to eliminate it. Adult vigilance helps to cope with heart ailments faster.

  • The child has heavy, accelerated breathing and systematic shaking.
  • The baby quickly gets tired, refuses to eat, and does not gain weight.
  • Swelling of limbs, eyelids, areas of genitals appears.
  • Areas of skin near eyes, mouth, lips blue.
  • Frequent dizziness, child complaints about a headache.
  • Accelerated or delayed heart rate, chest pain.
  • The baby has anxiety, constant crying.
  • Shortness of breath, fainting states.

Any of the above violations may be an alarm. The Tel Aviv Medical Clinic handles any problems by providing a full range of services at current government rates.