Children's hemato-oncology - diagnostic, therapeutic procedures

Children's hemato-oncology - diagnostic, therapeutic procedures

In pediatric hemato-oncology department provides diagnostics, treatment of a child, adolescent patients. Experienced professionals engaged in several problems: 

  • The Restore child circulatory system, eliminate the pathological disorders;
  • Examine removed malignant, benign;
  • relieves the patients of leukemia, immune deficiency;
  • Treat anemia, hemophilia in different forms.

It provides professional assistance to patients with individual pathologies. All of the children are under the constant supervision of qualified medical personnel. The integrated medical support provided. Hospital Tel Aviv Medical Clinic conducts a comprehensive diagnosis of the child state, and experts are developing a treatment program for patients.

If necessary, long-term care of the child admitted to a specialized, comfortable hematological oncology department. If the patient's condition allows, it can take medication on an outpatient basis. 

How to diagnose hemato-oncology in children?

The first stage of diagnosis is an examination at the profile doctor. He will be the first diagnostic plan. The child needs to donate blood, urine, other tests, depending on the symptoms, the state of the baby. More research will be assigned based on these results:

  • CT scan;
  • Endoscopy;
  • Ultrasound examinations;
  • Isotope scanning;
  • Fence material for a biopsy.

Hemato-oncology treatment in children

Several procedures used in the complex treatment of patients. They appointed by the attending doctor based on the results of the examination. In most cases, use:

  • Radiation therapy. Goal - to stop the increase of cancers;
  • Resection of benign;
  • Excision of malignant tumors;
  • Conservative treatment to suspend the distribution process;
  • transplanted bone marrow. It used in blood diseases, congenital immunodeficiency’s, inherited blood pathologies.

Hemato -oncology treatment in Tel Aviv Medical Clinic

The Israeli clinic Tel Aviv Medical Clinic has been treating cancer in children for ten years. Israel's leading experts perform advanced operations using expensive, cutting-edge equipment, analogs of which there are only a few clinics in the world. Thanks to innovative techniques doctors to manage to achieve tremendous success in the fight against pediatric oncology.