Children's orthopedics - diagnosis, treatment

Children's orthopedics - diagnosis, treatment

At Israel's leading Tel Aviv Medical Clinic, experienced orthopedic pediatricians work with the most challenging cases to restore the health of small patients. In the treatment of orthopedic diseases, an integrated approach recommended. An accurate diagnosis of pathologies carried out at the medical center, proper treatment methods, and a rehabilitation program developed. Doctors carry out preventive procedures to avoid the re-development of diseases.

After recovery, children continue to be observed by specialists. Parents can always count on professional advice from their doctor. Orthopedists provide qualified assistance to adolescents, children, newborns.

The main directions of children's orthopedics 

Many pathologies can found at the stage of the intrauterine development of the child. Some diseases develop in adolescence. All conditions need professional treatment. Doctors at the Tel Aviv Medical Clinic Pediatric Orthopedic Department work on many issues:

  • Acquired malformations;
  • Congenital disabilities in the supporting, motor system of babies;
  • Diseases of the hip joint in infants;
  • Sports, domestic injuries;
  • Surgical restoration of the functions of the legs, arms;
  • Metabolic pathologies in children, adolescents;
  • Vertebral disorders;
  • Complications caused by fractures;
  • Bone damage;
  • Joint, muscle injuries, problems of connective tissues.

Diagnosis, treatment of orthopedic pathologies in children 

In adolescence, children often experience injuries; the reason for this is physical activity. Specialists at Tel Aviv Medical Clinic diagnose injuries of any severity, prescribe effective, effective treatment. Experienced orthopedists conduct progressive work in various fields:

  • Treatment of pelvic osteotomy;
  • Conducting an ultrasound examination of a new format, allowing to identify congenital dislocations in the hip joint;
  • Diagnosis of dysplasia of the pelvic, femoral connective tissues, joints;
  • Recovery from paralysis in the brachial plexus;
  • Getting rid of pathologies, deformities of the legs, and much more.

Pediatric Orthopedics at Tel Aviv Medical Clinic The leading Israeli clinic conducts a high-quality examination of young patients, taking into account their unique features. Specialists use high-class equipment, innovative techniques that allow the treatment to be as painless as possible for babies. Thousands of children got rid of orthopedic problems at Tel Aviv Medical Clinic.