Children's otolaryngology - who is a children's ENT doctor

Children's otolaryngology - who is a children's ENT doctor

A pediatric otolaryngologist deals with disorders of the functioning of the nose, throat, and ears. The specialist studies the problems of obstructed nasal breathing in children of younger, middle, adolescence. It analyzes the causes of problems with hearing, smelling. Diseases of ENT organs can cause dizziness, headaches, ear pains, causing constant discomfort in the child.

When a child needs an ENT examination by a doctor

Symptoms of the appearance of the disease in childhood are often different from the first signs of the disease felt by adults. Influenza in children begins with diarrhea, abdominal pain, and vomiting. The child's body reacts to signs of general intoxication, fever. Be sure to visit the otolaryngologist with the manifestation of the following symptoms in babies:

  • The hard shell of the brain is irritated, the baby feels severe pain when the head is tilted back;
  • To alleviate the general condition, raising one of the baby’s legs helps, provided that the second leg is bent and the child is lying on his back. Pain in the head decreases;
  • Increased body sensitivity. With a light touch, the child feels discomfort, pain, begins to get nervous;
  • Attacks of vomiting, loss of appetite, caused by constant nausea.

These signs indicate the presence of a severe infection, flu in a child. Urgent consultation with an otolaryngologist is necessary, and treatment should begin. At a young age, children often encounter a pathology in which the tonsils and adenoids enlarge. The disease requires urgent treatment. It is the cause of persistent infectious diseases: otitis media, rhinitis, tonsillitis. In the neglected state of the glands, adenoids, the oral cavity, the larynx deformed.

An initial consultation with an ENT doctor includes collecting information about the symptoms, general condition, and the presence of chronic diseases in the patient. After examination, palpation, a preliminary diagnosis formed, a plan for review, treatment is developed.

Department of Pediatric Otolaryngology at Tel Aviv Medical Clinic 

The specialized department of pediatric otolaryngology at the Tel Aviv Medical Clinic has been studying, diagnosing, and treating pathologies of ENT organs in children for many years. Experienced doctors use modern equipment of a new generation, progressive approaches.