Children's transplantation

Children's transplantation

Thousands of patients from all over the world visit the leading Israeli Tel Aviv Medical Clinic. Our doctors have all the necessary skills and knowledge for organ transplantation. We use modern equipment and unique methods of therapy. Our employees undergo specialized training annually and know how to establish friendly contact with the child. In our clinic, children receive useful and timely help. They feel the sensitivity, attention, and professionalism of our doctors. In a specialized center for support of parents and children, you can get the help of a psychologist, speech therapist, as well as take a rehabilitation course. The unique experience of treating babies allows our specialists to work real miracles and rid them of severe forms of diseases.

How is organ transplantation performed?

Our team has a team of professionals (surgeons, anesthetists, gastroenterologists, cardiologists, resuscitators, nutritionists, and others). Patients receive extensive radiation and consultation with related specialists. Thus, it is possible to achieve a complete cure for the child, even in the most challenging situations. The following organ transplants performed in our department:

  • liver;
  • Kidneys;
  • bone marrow;
  • Pancreas;
  • Intestines;
  • Stomach;
  • Hearts;
  • Lungs.

Specialists take organs from a living donor or deceased. Our department has facilities that allow more than 30 transplants per year. Surgeons can transplant five organs simultaneously. Such a procedure is infrequent and requires a doctor to have high qualifications and knowledge. Specialists of our Tel Aviv Medical Clinic possess these qualities

Why contact us

  • Our doctors are highly qualified and have vast experience.
  • The department is equipped with modern equipment, which allows for complex operations.
  • We set tariffs at the state level.
  • Our clinic is equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay of the child.
  • Specialists of the department know how to find a common language with a child.
  • We work closely with charitable foundations.
  • In the support center for parents and children, you can get psychological help and undergo rehabilitation.
  • We use unique methods of therapy and transplantation.