Cholangiocarcinoma is a malignant formation that develops from the epithelium of the bile ducts. The disease is quite common and can occur in any part of the biliary tract. Often, the doctor can notice the formation in the extrahepatic tubes. Unfortunately, it is rather challenging to detect pathology at an early stage, since the symptoms are extremely mild. It is worth noting that the tumor grows rather slowly, grows into internal structures, and gives metastases.

How is the disease manifested?

If you notice the occurrence of the following symptoms, you should immediately consult a doctor: 

  • Blood in the urine; 
  • Swelling of the extremities; 
  • The presence of swelling in the lumbar region; 
  • Low back pain; 
  • Increased blood pressure; 
  • Increase in body temperature; 
  • Anemia; 
  • General malaise.

These signs are not typical for the disease. An experienced specialist will be able to make the correct diagnosis after diagnosis.

How is the diagnosis of the disease

To make a correct diagnosis, the doctor uses the following research methods: 

  • examination; 
  • Ultrasound of internal organs; 
  • PET CT; 
  • X-ray analysis; 
  • Angiography; 
  • REED; 
  • Echocardiography; 
  • Renoscinography. 

Based on the data obtained, the doctor draws up an individual therapy regimen, taking into account the characteristics of the disease's development and the general condition of the patient.

Features of the treatment of pathology at Tel Aviv Medical Clinic

The primary method of getting rid of pathology is surgical intervention. If the tumor is small, the doctor removes only the affected lesion. Otherwise, the entire organ must be removed. Therefore, it is so important to seek qualified help on time. Surgeons in our department have all the necessary skills and abilities to identify and treat oncology.

We use modern equipment and unique methods of therapy. Our employees undergo specialized training annually. The wards of the department equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay of patients. We set tariffs as in a state hospital. Thus, you get a wide range of services at an affordable price.

After the operation, the doctor advises undergoing chemotherapy or radiation to destroy the remaining pathological cells. Thus, the doctors of our clinic manage to help even in the most challenging situations.