Clinic of transplantation of a liver

Clinic of transplantation of a liver

Liver transplantation involves replacing a diseased organ with a regular surgical route, and the liver taken from the donor. Such a method is radical and is used in severe organic and functional liver lesions when other therapy options remain ineffective. Typically, the donor is a relative or a person with excellent biological compatibility. Carrying out such operation requires the doctor to have the highest qualification and vast practical experience. Such qualities will be used by employees of the Israel clinic Tel Aviv Medical Clinic.

How the organ is transplanted

The clinic employs specialists who have the necessary knowledge and skills to carry out a complex operation. We use the latest equipment and unique methods of therapy. Our medical staff undergoes specialized training every year. Chambers of the department equipped with everything necessary for the comfortable stay of patients. The clinic is set rates at the state level. So you get a wide range of services at an acceptable price.

Organ transplantation involves several stages:

  • Conduct comprehensive examination and diagnosis.
  • Selection of the donor, who also runs the study.
  • The operation brigade, composed of surgeons, Hepatology, Pulmonary, and cardiologists.
  • Rehabilitation of the patient, during which the patient is taking drugs that suppress the immune system. The patient's condition under the doctor 's control.

The operation can take 15 hours or more. First, the surgeon extracts part of the liver from the donor with the removal of the gall bladder. Only then is the sick organ removed. For blood to circulate generally without the liver, the doctor creates many compounds between the vessels. After the operation, all blood vessels sutured, and the wound closed.

When organ transplantation is necessary

Liver transplantation performed according to the following indications:

  • Cirrhosis;
  • Acute liver failure;
  • Metabolic disorder due to congenital abnormality;
  • Presence of viral hepatitis;
  • The occurrence of inoperable tumors and other centers of disease.

The rehabilitation period of the patient is one month. In the specialized support center for parents and children, you can get the help of a psychologist, as well as take a recovery course.