Complications of diabetes in children

Complications of diabetes in children

The incidence of children with diabetes continues to grow every year, which indicates an insufficient level of prevention. With improper treatment, the child may remain disabled because a chronic disease leads to impaired metabolism of all substances in the body. The problem is especially acute for adolescents, among which the level of the incidence is quite high. Inaccurate diagnosis, lack of adequate therapeutic measures, and proper control lead to severe complications of varying degrees severity.

  • The defeat of small vessels and nerves. Hemorrhage in these places.
  • Decreased vision.
  • Kidney damage. Bladder infection.
  • They decreased limb sensitivity.
  • Atherosclerosis develops, provoking myocardial infarction and other heart diseases.
  • Stroke.

Since the main complications are directly related to the cardiovascular system, to monitor and treat during their development should be a pediatric cardiologist.

Where to get treatment for diabetes complications?

At the Israeli clinic Tel Aviv Medical Clinic, there is a department of pediatric cardiology, where from around the world, parents bring their children for the professional help from the best in the country doctors. We have highly qualified doctors who have undergone specialized training. And practice and able to contact the children to prepare them morally and emotionally to undergoing the necessary procedures. Diagnostics in our clinic are carried out on advanced equipment, allowing visualize the structure of the heart and blood vessels, which are primarily affected by manifestations complications of diabetes. Therapeutic measures that our specialists regularly improve are appointed based on the results of a detailed examination using radiography, ECG, three-dimensional electrocardiography. Tel Aviv Medical Clinic uses innovative treatments that eliminate problems with heart and vessels. We provide every little patient with quality services in full amount at affordable prices, corresponding to state tariffs hospitals. Those who cannot pay for the treatment of the child are assisted by clinic staff in receiving financial support from charitable foundations with which Tel Aviv Medical Clinic is collaborating.