Craniofacial anomalies

Craniofacial anomalies

The Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery of the Israeli clinic Tel Aviv Medical Clinic offers a full range of services. It starts with the usual tooth extraction and ends with the complex surgical correction of jaw fractures or craniofacial pathologies.

Oral and maxillofacial surgery specialists admit patients with the following disorders:

  • craniofacial anomalies;
  • facial pain and pain in the mouth;
  • the need for comprehensive dental rehabilitation;
  • dental infections;
  • facial fractures and injuries;
  • juvenile idiopathic arthritis;
  • pathological bite (violation of the relative position of the upper and lower jaw);
  • the need for maxillofacial prosthetics;
  • neoplasms of the oral cavity;
  • oncological diseases of the head, neck and oral cavity;
  • diseases of the salivary glands;
  • sleep disorders;
  • violations of the temporomandibular joint.

Dental and Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons at Tel Aviv Medical Clinic treat defects and injuries to the head, neck, and face, including the mouth, teeth, and jaws. We admit patients with disorders such as head and neck cancers, tumors and cysts of the jaw, cleft lip and other craniofacial deformities, obstructive sleep apnea, facial trauma due to accidents, facial pain and dysfunction of the temporomandibular joint. We are also used by patients who need reconstructive operations and the installation of dentures.

Treatment at Tel Aviv Medical Clinic

The Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at Tel Aviv Medical Clinic employs highly qualified surgeons, dentists, and other specialists to provide our patients with the highest quality medical care. Taking advantage of the full range of resources offered by an extensive medical institutions system, we take on even tricky cases and treat patients with congenital pathologies, chronic pain in the face and jaw area, and cancers of the head, neck, and oral cavity. Every year, 11,000 outpatients admitted to our department, and surgeons perform over 4,200 operations. The experience of specialists and the full amount of resources allow us to treat a wide variety of diseases successfully.