Department of Pediatric Infectious Diseases

Department of Pediatric Infectious Diseases

Children's infectious diseases are a group of infectious diseases that affect mainly children. Airborne droplets primarily transmit viruses from a sick child to a healthy one. In most cases, such conditions are sent once in a lifetime, after which the body develops immunity to them.

Common infectious diseases and their symptoms 

  • Measles, scarlet fever, chickenpox, rubella. The main sign of such conditions is the appearance of a rash on the body of the child. The nature and sequence of the outbreak vary depending on the specific situation. Almost always, the course of these infections accompanied by fever, headache, general weakness.
  • Whooping cough. Spasmodic cough is the primary clinical manifestation of whooping cough.
  • Infectious mumps (mumps). An increase and pain manifest the disease in one or two parotid glands.

Some of these infectious diseases, such as chickenpox, are relatively easy and do not pose any real threat to the health of the child. Other conditions require adequate and timely treatment. Otherwise, they can cause complications and severe consequences for the body.

How are infectious diseases treated in children?

The method of treatment depends on the specific disease. Chickenpox - with an ordinary course of the disease, treatment is not required. The main thing is hygiene and child care. If the temperature rises above 38 degrees, antipyretic drugs can prescribe for the child. Almost all other infectious diseases treated with medication, proper nutrition, and a specific regimen. For example, with whooping cough, the child needs enough time in the fresh air.

The Israeli Tel Aviv Medical Clinic has a modern department for childhood infectious diseases. The doctors of our medical center have extensive experience in the treatment of any contagious diseases, as well as related complications.


The primary prevention of infectious diseases is the mandatory vaccinations given to children at a certain age. It also recommended ventilating the premises more often, especially in crowded places: in kindergartens, schools.