Doctors of the Department of Surgery of the Ear, Throat, Nose, Head, Neck Tel Aviv Medical Clinic

Specialists of the leading Israeli clinic Tel Aviv Medical Clinic honored otolaryngologists of the country, well-known surgeons, oncologists. Medical professors carry out the most complex surgical interventions every day, the most accurate diagnosis of patients from all over the world. Professors are members of leading international medical communities, have diplomas, awards for participating in symposia, conferences.

The advanced doctors of Israel have their developments in the treatment of pathologies of the throat, nose, head, neck, ear. They presented the results of their research at initial consultations. The projects of Tel Aviv Medical Clinic doctors are at the forefront, unique methods applied in practice in various countries of Europe, in the United States of America.

Doctors Priorities Tel Aviv Medical Clinic

Experts with many years of experience have repeatedly headed the ratings of the best medical workers in the country. Priorities for the work of specialists: 

  • Achieving maximum effectiveness in the treatment of pathology; 
  • High-precision examination of the patient to differentiate the disease with a 100% guarantee;
  • The use of innovative approaches in the development of a therapeutic plan; 
  • Formation of an active recovery program; 
  • Individual work with each patient; 
  • An integrated approach to the examination, treatment of the patient, and specialists of a narrow profile of various kinds.

Tel Aviv Medical Clinic Medical Center regularly provides internships for medical personnel in the world's largest hospitals. During the course, advanced specialists share their own best practices, share knowledge with renowned medical experts. This allows doctors and clinics to master progressive, innovative approaches to treating patients. The advantage of a medical institution is its multidisciplinary focus.

The clinic employs doctors of various specializations. They are always ready to advise the patient, conduct the necessary studies, and assist in developing an optimal therapeutic plan.

Surgical Department at Tel Aviv Medical Clinic

The surgical department of the advanced Israeli clinic fully equipped with ultramodern, high-tech equipment of a new generation. Unique imaging devices, modern diagnostic facilities can improve the effectiveness of treatment at Tel Aviv Medical Clinic.

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