Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) Clinic

Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) Clinic

Duchenne myodystrophy is classified as a rare and severe disease in young children. Due to the low incidence of illness in many medical institutions, it is difficult to diagnose it and to prescribe adequate preventive measures. Qualified care is available at the Israeli Tel Aviv Medical Clinic, where experienced specialists study the causes and treatment of such unique diseases in children as Duchenne myodystrophy. Genetic pathology is typical mostly of boys and begins to show up usually by disorders at the age of five.

  • Muscle weakness
  • Changes in a bearing
  • Specific gait and difficulty walking
  • Deterioration in the speech
  • Fast getting tired
  • The later acquisition of motor skills
  • Limited mobility

Accompanied by the above symptoms, the disease progresses rapidly, depriving the child of the ability to move. Without medical care, children find themselves in wheelchairs, having difficulty breathing, reducing intelligence, and heart problems.

Diagnosis and treatment of Duchenne myodystrophy

Tel Aviv Medical Clinic is equipped with specialized modern equipment, which allows us to carry out diagnostics with 100% reliability. Doctors in the children 's neurology department have sufficient knowledge and skills to differentiate the rare disease. Their arsenal has unique, effective methods by which laboratory studies can detect a gene mutation that is carried out.

For this purpose, in Tel Aviv Medical Clinic, in the case of suspected pathology, MRI is performed to the child, and biopsy of muscle tissue is taken. Such technologies help to see that connective or adipose tissue has formed at the site of muscle tissue. In our clinic, a small patient will be provided with a comfortable room and a full range of services of the highest quality for the duration of his stay.

We have set prices at the state level, which is quite acceptable for many families. The clinic also promotes cash assistance from charities with which it interacts. In the treatment of Duchenne myodystrophy, drugs are prescribed to stabilize the muscle membrane, medications to relieve swelling, and eliminate complications due to progressive muscle weakness.