Follow-up treatment of cancer of the head and neck:

Follow-up treatment of cancer of the head and neck:

Cancers of the cervical, head, and head, in most cases, require surgical treatment. The basis of their formation is the tissue of otolaryngological organs. A characteristic dislocation of the pathological process in the skin, lips, salivary glands, oropharynx, and oral cavity. Under the class of formations of the neck, the head does not include oncology of the brain, eyes, thyroid gland, regardless of the anatomical location of organs. They form a separate category of diseases. 

Oncological processes in the neck and head more often diagnosed in male patients over the age of fifty. Surgical treatment involves the restoration of the patient using several methods.

Principles of patient recovery after surgery for resection of a neck, head tumor

When developing an individual plan for maintaining a patient after an operation to excise a tumor, specialists adhere to the following principles: 

  • Ensuring minimal aesthetic and cosmetic defects of the donor site;
  • The maximum return to normal to organs affected by a pathological disease;
  • Conducting therapy against cicatricial deformities, the relapse of the disease;
  • Application of specialized methods for the restoration of lost tissue using analogs of the same structure;
  • Assessment of the prevalence, depth of tissue destruction, analysis of possible functional impairments;
  • Formation of a complex of reconstructive procedures to minimize the consequences of surgical intervention;
  • Restore functions, the shape of the damaged area.

The use of postoperative radiation therapy

Radiation therapy is an effective method of maintaining the effectiveness of the surgical intervention. With its help, the operating area sterilized. Scattered, malignant foci destroyed. The procedure ensures the destruction of cancer tissue with incomplete excision of the neoplasm, suppresses metastases. The benefits of radiation postoperative treatment:

  • Selection of the optimal course based on information obtained in the mode of surgical intervention;
  • Radiation therapy effectively destroys metastatic foci;
  • Modern equipment minimizes damage to healthy tissues.

Treatment of head and neck cancer after surgery at the Tel Aviv Medical Clinic 

The Israeli Medical Center has been specializing in the treatment of cancer pathologies for many years. It fully equipped with innovative equipment for a new generation.