General surgery in one of the best clinics in Israel

General surgery in one of the best clinics in Israel

Tel Aviv Medical Clinic is worldwide recognized due to successful operations those treat many complex diseases:

  • Soft tissue sarcoma;
  • Cancer of gallbladder;
  • Achalasia;
  • Cancer of colon;
  • Diseases of gallbladder;
  • Cancer of esophagus;
  • Metastases in abdominal cavity;
  • Cancer of large intestine;
  • Cancer pathologies of stomach;
  • Ulcerations and colitis;
  • Cholecystitis;
  • Cancer of liver and pancreas;
  • Crohn's disease;
  • Diaphragmatic hernia.

Surgery in Israel is popular all over the world due to usage of innovative technologies, highly qualified specialists, modern methods, care of patient.

Diagnosis and treatment

Diagnostic laparoscopy is performed to determine possibilities of cancer surgical treatment and to detect features of disease course of abdominal and pelvic cavity. Correct diagnosis allows to assess the condition of the patient and also to choose optimal therapy:

  • Endoscopic incision performed for wide range of diseases, different minimal complications, good cosmetic effect and high speed recovery;
  • Hepatobiliary is prescribed for such kind diseases;
  • Robotic is one of the most advanced curing methods with modern systems.

Thanks to the intensive development of General Surgery Department in our clinic, our surgeons, oncologists and radiotherapists deal with the most complicated cases. Lots of techniques those are used in our clinic are actively applied in variety of the best medical centers in the world. Other modes are the latest developments and are completely unique. It takes us the possibility to help patients even when other clinics have refused them.

Why applying this clinic?

The clinic is contacted not only by residents of Israel, but also by people from many other countries who want to receive quality and care. Our clinic is one of the best in Israel for many reasons.

Firstly, we have less than 1% of postoperative complications. This is due to quality postoperative care (only qualified nurses with specialized education), the absolute sterility of operating and surgical instruments. 

Secondly, we have only experienced doctors. They are real professionals in their branch. Over more than 10 years our surgeons have successfully conducted many complicated operations. Thirdly, our operating rooms are equipped with the modern technology, and we use innovative and largely unique therapy.