Hemangiomas (birthmarks) and vascular lesions

Hemangiomas (birthmarks) and vascular lesions

Approximately 10% of infants have vascular formations of various origins. The most common of these are hemangioma and port wine stain. The reasons for the appearance of these diseases are not fully known. Experts believe that the following factors influence the formation of the disease: Female gender (the frequency of occurrence in girls is 7 times higher than in boys); Prematurity; Fetal hypoxia. If you find a vascular pathology, you need not panic. You should immediately consult a doctor. 

The Israeli clinic Tel Aviv Medical Clinic, equipped with modern equipment, uses advanced, effective methods. When choosing treatment tactics, highly qualified specialists take into account the size of the tumor and the degree of progression, individual characteristics and stage of the inflammatory process, the presence of concomitant complications.

Diagnosis of the disease

To confirm the diagnosis, a clinical examination, anamnesis and observation over time are usually sufficient. If we are talking about multiple rashes, in medicine it is called hemangiomatosis (when a child has more than three hemangiomas), lesions can be localized on the skin, and sometimes even in internal organs. In such cases, it is necessary to conduct an ultrasound scan of the internal organs for the early detection and treatment of internal vascular neoplasms.


An individual approach or course of treatment is selected for each child. It is worth noting that if you are immediately offered a surgical removal of the formation, this means that the doctor does not own any other methods. In our clinic, you will undergo the following procedures:

  • Cryodestruction (freezing with liquid nitrogen) allows you to get rid of small hemangiomas growing on the surface of the skin.
  • The method of sclerotherapy is used to treat subcutaneous hemangiomas.
  • Hormone therapy, adrenergic blockers are prescribed if there is a threat to vital organs.
  • Systemic therapy stops tumor growth and stimulates resorption. The remnants of the hemangioma can then be removed with a laser.
  • Laser therapy is a method that allows you to get rid of a tumor without scarring, but it is not always effective.

The medical method allows you to effectively remove hemangiomas in children without pain or injury to the skin. This unique method is used by the pediatric vascular surgeon of our clinic.