Hypospadias in children

Hypospadias in children

Hypospadias is a congenital malformation of the genitourinary system. It characterized by an abnormal structure of the genital organ. According to statistics, it occurs in one child out of two hundred and is diagnosed mainly immediately after birth. With hypospadias, the opening of the urethra is not on the head of the penis. The hole is shifted down, located on the body of the penis or scrotum.

  • Genetic predisposition.
  • Influence on the fetus in the first trimester of pregnancy of internal pathological processes, infectious and allergic diseases, radiation, intoxication.
  • Disturbed hormonal background.
  • Endocrine system disorder.
  • The age of the mother.
  • Gene mutations.
  • Preterm birth and critically low birth weight.

How is hypospadias treated at Tel Aviv Medical Clinic?

Deformation of the penis and underdevelopment of the urethra have different forms of pathology (even the development of pseudohermaphroditism). If untreated, the disease threatens with adverse effects:

  • Mental disorders;
  • Changes in the external genitalia;
  • Infertility;
  • Disturbed urination;
  • Leaking urine in the wrong direction.

If you do not take measures to eliminate the developmental abnormality, hypospadias will progress, and deliver a lot of awkward moments to the child. Modern medicine has techniques for correcting a defect in the genitourinary system, which should be carried out in the hospital by experienced surgeons. The Israeli clinic Tel Aviv Medical Clinic has the necessary, latest equipment, which used in the work of highly qualified specialists in the pediatric urology department.

Our doctors perform complex operations, correcting defects of the urethra and penis. And the earlier the procedure is completed, the easier the child will endure it. In choosing a method, doctors focus on the type of hypospadias and other factors associated with the disease. Tel Aviv Medical Clinic provides children with a full range of quality services at tariffs that are consistent with state ones. After treatment, the child can recover in our rehabilitation center under the supervision of specialists, and in the support center along with parents receive psychological help.