International Patients

International Patients

Among countries offering foreign citizens a wide choice of high-class medical care, Israel has long and firmly led, receiving hundreds of thousands of foreign patients every year. Tel Aviv Medical Clinic successfully treats various complex and rare diseases, including oncology, installed the most modern equipment, and employs doctors of the highest qualification. As a result, Israeli medicine is recognized as one of the most effective in the world. And as a result, more and more people prefer treatment in Israel to other countries.

For foreigners, we have created an international department that helps get to our clinic for treatment. Thanks to the work of specialists of the international department, every year thousands of patients from different countries get the opportunity to undergo treatment that has no analogues abroad. Israel uses the most modern medical equipment, many successful methods of treatment and diagnosis have been developed by leading specialists and have now become an integral part of clinical practice in many countries of the world.

The clinic staff is responsible for the quality of medical and related services provided, for the level and reliability of the technology and the highest qualifications of their specialists. With us, your stay in Israel will be effective and comfortable.

Functions performed by the international department

The International Department performs the following functions:

  • Overcoming the language barrier between patient and physician. Each patient is attached to a person who is a translator.
  • Filling in the documentation. The doctor completes all the necessary documentation and sends the patient, as necessary, to narrow specialists.
  • Allocation of procedures in turn. Since stay in the clinic is paid, our specialists coordinate all the actions of the doctor. So that in a short time the patient receives all the necessary treatment.
  • Our specialists help the patient to apply for a visa, book apartments, solve all household issues.
  • Translation of all medical records. Our specialists will help the patient translate all the documentation.
  • Maintaining contact with the patient after discharge. Our doctors are ready to advise the patient when they are already at home.