Neurogenetic Clinic

Neurogenetic Clinic

Each person, both healthy and sick, is essentially unique. Its morphofunctional and immunochemical characteristics are unique. Such an integral part of the human body as the nervous system also has its own, especially inherent in it, electrophysiological and other characteristics. The indicators of these characteristics depend both on the environment in which a person surrounds throughout his life, and on the quality of genetic information received from his parents. Depending on the genetic inheritance, it is possible to determine rare diseases, to determine the characteristics of metabolism and the possibility of diseases occurring throughout life.

The Tel Aviv Medical Clinic neurogenetic clinic diagnoses and treats children with complex diseases that affect the development of their nervous system, if there is a suspicion of the presence of a genetic component in the disease. Our specialists have unique knowledge and experience in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the nervous system. 

Diagnosis of the disease

When prescribing treatment, it is important to study what the identified neurological disorders are based on. For this, a laboratory method is used to identify mutations and polymorphisms in genes that are responsible for the functioning of the nervous system, for the metabolism in cells (in the nucleus, mitochondria, lysosomes, pyroxisomes), for the work of muscles. Dozens of enzymes are involved in the energy supply of cells.

The production of each enzyme is controlled by a specific gene. Thus, the presence of any defect in one of the genes leads to a malfunction in the chemical reaction chain and to the fact that substances that have not gone through a full cycle of transformations accumulate. Hence the so-called accumulation disease arises. In such cases, life-long use of drugs is possible, which allows a person to feel healthy and lead a normal life.

It is very important for a neurologist to know the causes and pathogenesis of neurological symptoms before giving recommendations on the treatment of metabolic defects inherent in so-called orphan diseases with neurological manifestations. For this, there are biochemical methods for identifying the genetic characteristics of bioenergy. Thus, the doctors of our clinic manage to help even in the most difficult situations.

The diseases that we treat

Our specialists help to cope with the following pathologies: 

  • Chromosomal diseases;
  • Hereditary metabolic diseases, expressed by convulsive syndromes;
  • Brain tumors, etc.

As a therapy, our specialists use medication, chemotherapy, radiation, and surgical intervention.