Office of children's urology

Office of children's urology

The study of anatomical structure, functional state of external genitals, and urinary tract is carried out by such an extensive field of medicine as children 's urology. Until the child has reached the age of 2, it is difficult to judge disorders in his urination, as it is considered at this life stage a natural process. But then parents can pay attention to such problems as a signal the possible presence of urological pathology:

  • Day and night urinary incontinence.
  • Darkening of urine color and appearance of acetone smell.
  • Painful, difficult, frequent urination.
  • Pain at the bottom of the abdomen and in the lumbar area.
  • Blood impurities in the urine.
  • Sudden temperature rise.
  • Narrowing of the foreskin.

What disorders and diseases do children 's urology do?

In young children, the urogenital system is still a structure of the fragile, exposed to various external risks, injuries, especially given the increased activity of the child. In the Department of Children 's Urology of the Israeli clinic, Tel Aviv Medical Clinic is engaged in research on causes of the disease, prevention of pathology, diagnosis, and treatment. Our experienced specialists determine and prescribe therapeutic measures in case of such disorders of the urinary system:

  • Bladder dysfunction, which may have occurred as a result of inflammatory processes, nerve tract lesions, or a congenital disability of development.
  • Phimoses and varicocele in boys.
  • Infection of the urethra in acute or chronic form.
  • Abnormal development of genital organs, urinary system.
  • Vodyanka, hernias, cyst.

For the disease not to cause complications, the elimination of which will be a long and challenging process, parents should show caution and, at the slightest signs of deviations, contact a specialist. The Tel Aviv Medical Clinic employs experienced, highly qualified children 's doctors who know how to establish a relationship with the baby, continually improve treatment methods.

We have advanced equipment. We have advanced equipment. With its help, the diagnosis of urological diseases reaches 100% accuracy. The recovery period for small patients is decreasing. We use unique, sparing technologies, minimizing the possibility of complications, provide a full range of services. We have rates at the level of the state, and cooperation of the clinic with charitable foundations helps to collect the missing funds for the treatment of the child.