Oral cancer: symptoms, diagnosis, treatment

Oral cancer: symptoms, diagnosis, treatment

Oncological pathologies of the oral cavity belong to the class of malignant diseases. They located in the inner surface of the mouth, lower lip, posterior pharyngeal walls, salivary glands, tonsils. They mostly diagnosed in male patients over the age of forty.

At-risk are people with nicotine addiction, prone to excessive alcohol consumption. A trigger factor is a snuff, chewing tobacco.

Symptoms of Oncology

Oral cancer leads to the development of asymptomatic complex:

  • Weight loss, jaw swelling;
  • Unreasonable tooth loss;
  • A feeling of numbness in the gum, tongue;
  • Changes in voice timbre, speech;
  • Enlarged cervical lymph nodes;
  • Chronic pain in the mouth;
  • Thickened tongue, causing inconvenience during meals, speech.

At the lesion point, a compacted formation formed in the form of growth, ulcer, white or red spot. With the progression of the disease, it increases, it becomes painful.

Diagnostic methods for oral cancer

Initial assessment of the patient's condition includes a visual examination, an interview with a specialist. Based on the received data, a diagnostic program generated. Effective methods of analysis for oncology of the oral cavity: 

  • Fence of a fragment of biological material for cytological, histological analyzes. A fine needle biopsy, surgical excision of the neoplasm, and puncture performed. If possible, the specialist makes a scraping from the affected area;
  • X-ray examination of the sternum allows you to study the lung tissue and exclude the pathological process;
  • Laboratory diagnostics includes clinical blood tests, biochemical analysis. Detects the presence of anemia, damage to bone tissue, liver;
  • Examination on a computer tomograph carried out to clarify the shape, location, dimension of the pathology. The contrast input omitted.

Oral Cancer Therapy at Tel Aviv Medical Clinic

The Israeli clinic is the largest multidisciplinary oncological medical center. Advanced doctors of the highest category work here. They specialize in innovative, progressive cancer treatment approaches. The clinic fully equipped with high-tech equipment, the latest devices.

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