Overview: Endocrinology – Institute

Overview: Endocrinology – Institute

The Institute of Endocrinology of the Israeli clinic Tel Aviv Medical Clinic deals with dysfunctions of the glands of the body and metabolic disorders in it, and also specializes in osteoporosis. We use modern equipment and unique methods of therapy. Our employees undergo special training annually. The wards of our department are equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay of patients. It is worth noting that we set tariffs at the state level. Thus, you get quality services at an affordable price. If necessary, our staff will help you contact charitable foundations to raise funds for treatment.


The occurrence of the following dangerous symptoms is cause for concern: 

  • Weight gain or loss;
  • Insomnia;
  • Frequent headache;
  • Failure of menstruation;
  • Hair loss;
  • Deterioration of vision;
  • Brittle nails;
  • Feeling of dry mouth;
  • Weakness and decreased performance;
  • Increased perspiration;
  • Swollen lymph nodes;
  • Decreased concentration of attention;
  • Excessive hair growth and others.

A qualified specialist will conduct the necessary research and select the optimal therapy regimen.


At the reception, the doctor will examine the patient, ask about the first symptoms of pathology. To clarify the diagnosis, the following research methods are used: 

  • Blood and urine analysis;
  • Biopsy if necessary;
  • Ultrasound;
  • MRI or CT;
  • Scraping and others.

If necessary, the doctor may order an additional examination. Then, based on the data obtained, the specialist selects the optimal therapy regimen, taking into account the peculiarities of the development of pathology and the general state of health of the patient.


The Institute of Endocrinology of our clinic uses the most modern medical and diagnostic methods in its work:

  • Extracorporeal hemocorrection - innovative medical technologies that help increase the effectiveness of treatment;
  • Elastography is a modern revolutionary technology in ultrasound diagnostics, which allows assessing the density and elasticity of organs, tissues and masses, which is extremely important for early detection of oncological pathology;
  • Radiation diagnostics;
  • Densitometry with 3D reconstruction on computed tomography.

As a therapy, we use medication and hormonal therapy. Our doctors surround the patient with round-the-clock care and supervision.