Pediatric Allergy and Immunology

Pediatric Allergy and Immunology

Unfortunately, many parents will sooner or later face the manifestations of allergies in children. Redness and rashes, itching of the skin, disorders of stool, runny nose, and watery eyes - all this can be a manifestation of allergy. To put the correct diagnosis can only be professional in their field. In our clinic, Tel Aviv Medical Clinic, a team of true professionals, who for more than ten years engaged in the treatment of various allergic reactions in children. Our doctors have considerable practical experience and knowledge. We try to create the most comfortable conditions for our young patients.

The specialists of pediatric allergy and immunology practice complex therapy, which helps get rid of the cause of the pathology. If your child is frequently ill or viral infections permanently terminate complications - it is an occasion to make an appointment with an allergist-immunologist. The specialist will appoint the necessary tests to confirm the diagnosis, and therapy will be an individual scheme.

When you need to see a specialist

The reason for the concern of parents and visit a doctor are the following: 

  • Itching and rash;
  • Red eyes, tearing, swelling and itching eyelids;
  • Swelling of the skin and mucous membranes;
  • Cough and shortness of breath;
  • Shortness of breath;
  • Nasal congestion, sneezing, runny nose;
  • Frequent colds and complications from them.

How to diagnose a disease?

Allergies can be confused with other diseases. To prescribe the correct treatment, the doctor uses the following research Methods: 

  • Inhaled rapid test Phadiatop;
  • Carrying out laboratory tests;
  • Allergic skin tests;
  • Conduct "Molecular Allergology."

Based on the data obtained, the physician selects individual therapy schemes according to the type and nature of the pathology and the patient's general condition.

How are the treatment of allergies and immune reconstitution?

Depending on the obtained results of the study, the doctor suggests one of the following treatment options: 

  • Replacement therapy;
  • Immunomodulatory therapy.

Our experts have developed a special diet for your child, give parents the necessary guidance, and, if necessary, carry out vaccinations.


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