Pediatric Brain Tumors

In childhood, they encounter various diseases, most of which do not pose a tangible danger and, with an adequate approach, are quite easily cured. But there is a category of pathologies that carry a risk to life. These are oncological diseases that differ in the location of the neoplasm, its structure, shape and type of cells. The brain tumour ranks second in terms of prevalence among children. The reasons for the development of cancer are presumably the following:

  • Hereditary predisposition.
  • Abnormal growth of fetal cells.
  • Bad ecology.
  • Exposure to toxins, radiation, viruses.

Pathological processes can be corrected with timely treatment. In the Tel Aviv Medical Clinic, the diagnosis shows a 100% reliable result even in the initial stages, thanks to the highly sensitive, specialized equipment. Cancer treatment is carried out by the best doctors in the country who work in the department of pediatric neurosurgery.

Our experienced professionals are able to interact with children, carry out procedures carefully, painlessly, without giving the child uncomfortable sensations. We use unique treatment techniques, demonstrating excellent indicators for treating children and putting them in remission.


Specialists distinguish the following signs of the development of pathology: 

  • constant or repeated vomiting; persistent or recurring headaches; 
  • problems with coordination or walking; 
  • blurred vision, the image doubles in the eyes; 
  • unnatural eye movements; 
  • abnormal head position; 
  • bouts or cramps; 
  • behavioural changes, especially fatigue; 
  • an increase in head circumference in infants; 
  • delayed puberty in adolescents.

Abrupt changes in the child’s mood, situations when the child becomes irritable and loses control over actions for no reason, or situations when the child is very active earlier becomes drowsy and lethargic - in all these cases, parents should seek the advice of a specialist. Uncontrolled laughter or crying for no reason, a state of euphoria turning into aggressive behaviour, mood swings or sudden bouts of fear can also be cause for alarm. Often, children with brain tumour are concerned about hallucinations. But children can not say this, so parents should monitor their behaviour.


The department of pediatric oncology has prices that correspond to the rates in ordinary, state hospitals. But at the same time, the clinic provides a full range of high-quality services, has advanced equipment, innovative techniques, original certified drugs with minimal side effects. After treatment, a small patient has the opportunity to undergo rehabilitation under the supervision of specialists. For parents experiencing a serious test, there is a support centre where psychologists and teachers conduct counselling and classes.