Pediatric Cancer Care FAQs

Pediatric Cancer Care FAQs

Treatment in Israel guarantees the patient a high level of service, individual approach, friendly and attentive attitude of staff. Let's not forget that the cost of medical services in Israel is usually lower than in similar clinics in the USA and Europe. And finally, there is no language barrier in Israeli medical centers, since many doctors and medical staff speak Russian.

At Tel Aviv Medical Clinic provides small patients with comfortable wards that are equipped with everything they need. Our doctors have great practical experience and skills in performing surgical interventions. Every year, our medical staff receives special training and knows how to establish friendly contact with children. In our clinic there is a special center for supporting parents and children, in which experienced psychologists help adults relieve tension and tell how to help the baby recover faster after surgery.


We have collected the most frequently asked questions for you to help you navigate and make the right choices.

  • Why should I choose the Tel Aviv Medical Clinic?

The reputation of the clinic is impeccable, and many large hospitals in developed countries can envy it in terms of technical equipment. A special pride of the clinic - doctors, many of whom have earned world fame, are the authors of unique methods and, of course, helped more than one thousand patients who were refused at home. The international department of the clinic is doing everything possible to ensure that the stay of foreign patients on treatment is as comfortable and effective as possible.

  • How much will the treatment cost?

The cost of treatment consists of many factors and components and can be named only after the final discussion of the treatment plan. You may also ask our consultants about the cost of a particular procedure. It is worth noting that you will be named the cost of the package, which will include prices for all necessary for the successful treatment of the event.

  • How and when will it be necessary to pay?

Payment is made at the Tel Aviv Medical Clinic cash desk immediately before the procedure.

  • How long will the treatment last?

The clinic staff understand that many tourists cannot stay in Israel for a long time, in addition, the constant influx of patients requires speed. Your stay in the country and in the hospital will last exactly as long as it takes to make sure that the therapy has been successful and you are on the road to recovery.