Pediatric Nephrology

Pediatric Nephrology

Modern medicine has noted among children an increasing number of diseases of the kidneys and urinary system. This growth facilitated by the emergence of new types of pathogenic microflora that are resistant to the drugs used. Therefore, more and more children suffer from chronic renal failure, inflammatory processes of the urinary system.

The department of pediatric nephrology at the Tel Aviv Medical Clinic Israeli clinic employs experienced professionals who use the best methods for treating pathologies. Equipping with the most modern equipment helps to conduct examinations with 100% certainty, which is a necessity to determine the therapeutic regimen.

Symptoms of diseases of the urinary system 

The sooner the disease is detected, the faster and more effective treatment will be. At the initial stage, only adult family members can suspect illness in a child. If you start renal pathology, a complication may develop, which will lead to impaired organ function and other irreversible consequences.

  • Painful and difficult urination.
  • Redness of the genitals.
  • Urinary incontinence in children older than 5 years.
  • Pain in the lumbar region.
  • Lethargy and drowsiness.
  • Complaints of weakness.
  • Swollen limbs and eyes.
  • Change in color of urine.

How to protect the child from the development of pathology of the urinary system? 

  • Parents should understand that a kidney examination from birth is a necessity, especially if changes in this organ noticed in the womb during an ultrasound scan.
  • Periodically, urine tests recommended.
  • Teach the child to the potty before the age of one.
  • Accustom the baby to the rules of hygiene after urination.
  • Limit children in eating salt

Kidney and urinary system treatment at Tel Aviv Medical Clinic 

We provide a full range of high-quality medical services, the prices for which correspond to the state, comfortable wards, where the baby can be near parents. The Department of Pediatric Nephrology has advanced equipment, unique, and effective treatment techniques.

We have a rehabilitation center where a small patient will provide exercises and procedures for quick recovery. Parents will receive moral assistance in the support center. For families that are not able to pay for treatment, Tel Aviv Medical Clinic helps to get money through a charity fund.