Pediatric otolaryngology: when to visit a specialist, methods for diagnosing diseases in children

Pediatric otolaryngology: when to visit a specialist, methods for diagnosing diseases in children

The specialization of the children's otolaryngologist is the diagnosis, treatment of pathologies of ENT organs. The otolaryngological organs include the larynx, nasopharynx, oropharynx, ears, and throat. At an early age, babies face respiratory functional problems. Nasal breathing is complicated. Discharge threw into the area of ​​the bronchi. With the progression of congestion, the compartments descend to the lungs. A disease in medicine is called a short bronchial tree. It leads to the development of pneumonia.

Adolescents often suffer from a runny nose, throat pain, and respiratory illness. Most colds, infections are transmitted from peers in school, kindergarten. The swallowing function is complicated. There is a risk of developing chronic pathology. When the characteristic symptoms of the child appear, it is necessary to show the otolaryngologist. A timely diagnosis of the disease, the beginning of early treatment, will quickly cure pathology, eliminate complications.

Indications for visiting a pediatric otolaryngologist

A visit to the pediatric otolaryngologist should be in the presence of the following symptoms: 

  • Deterioration in the quality of auditory functionality;
  • Pain in the ear canals;
  • Frequent bronchitis;
  • The appearance of coughing attacks, hoarseness;
  • Regular recurrence of tonsillitis, respiratory diseases;
  • Attacks of sneezing;
  • The presence of nasal itching, cortical layer;
  • The development of nosebleeds of a spontaneous type;
  • Frequent, prolonged nasal congestion;
  • The appearance of dizziness, pain in the head;
  • Difficulty with nasal breathing.

Modern experts recommend endoscopic diagnosis. It allows you to examine the paranasal sinuses, nasal cavity, adenoid vegetation, and auditory canals. This will accurately differentiate the cause of the development of symptoms.

Department of Pediatric Otolaryngology at Tel Aviv Medical Clinic

The largest clinic in Israel over the years has been helping young patients from all over the world to get rid of ENT diseases of various types. Experienced doctors of the highest category conduct highly accurate diagnostics and develop effective therapeutic programs on an individual basis.

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