Pediatric Plastic Surgery

Pediatric Plastic Surgery

The direction of pediatric plastic surgery is developing quite quickly. It allows even the most complex reconstructive operations, which aimed at correcting and eliminating congenital malformations of the child's organs and tissues, as well as acquired defects as a result of injuries and burns. Specialists of the leading Israeli clinic Tel Aviv Medical Clinic are engaged in the elimination of pathological conditions that prevent the baby's body from fully developing and functioning. Correction of appearance defects in children enables him to get rid of complexes, physiological deficiencies.

When to contact a specialist

Immediately after detecting a child’s congenital disabilities, an operation should be performed. Previously, surgical intervention is essential in the case when the pathology is the cause of the development of abnormalities in the child or can provoke the occurrence of dangerous complications. Therefore, modern plastic specialists insist on early surgical intervention to eliminate congenital disabilities.

It is also worth considering the psychological factor. The kid cannot realize the seriousness of what is happening. For him, plastic surgery will not be a sharp blow to the psyche, as for a teenager. The child has not yet developed complexes that can have a substantial impact on personality development.

Why they are contacting us 

Every year, thousands of small patients come to us for the following reasons:

  • The department of pediatric plastic surgery is equipped with modern equipment.
  • We work closely with charitable foundations and provide financial support.
  • The rooms equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay for mom and baby.
  • Our doctors have been specially trained and know how to establish friendships with children.
  • We use innovative methods of conducting operations.
  • Specialists provide small patients with round-the-clock monitoring and care.
  • The cost of our services is acceptable and is at the level of state institutions.
  • In our clinic, a support center for parents and children has created for the entire period of treatment and rehabilitation.
  • Our surgeons have vast practical experience.
  • Our medical staff tries to create a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.