Pediatric Plastic Surgery: overview

Pediatric Plastic Surgery: overview

The most challenging area of ​​plastic surgery is surgery in children. The intervention requires a doctor with high qualifications and vast practical experience. The leading Israeli clinic Tel Aviv Medical Clinic employs real professionals who will easily find an approach to the baby and will be able to perform surgery quickly and quickly. We practice an integrated approach in therapy, which helps to identify concomitant diseases and eliminate the cause of their occurrence.

Our doctors are trying to create comfortable conditions for the speedy recovery of our patients. We provide psychological and moral support to parents and children in a specialized center. Thanks to close cooperation with international charitable foundations, our employees help in raising funds for treatment. It is worth noting that our clinic provides a wide range of first-class services at the cost of state institutions.

What are the areas of work of the department

In the children's department of plastic surgery, doctors provide the following services: 

  • multidisciplinary teams of doctors are involved in the identification and treatment of children with cleft lip;
  • surgical intervention to reconstruct the skin after injuries, lesions of a malignant tumor, congenital anomalies;
  • microsurgical operations to restore the functioning of the facial nerves;
  • ear correction;
  • removal of scars, scars, pigmentation;
  • restoration of the symmetry of the mammary glands;
  • correction of abnormal development of the genital organs;
  • restoration of the chest area due to abnormal growth;
  • treatment of cuts and wounds that require suturing.

Diagnosis and treatment of developmental defects in children

Our doctors use the powerful diagnostic and laboratory capabilities of the clinic. Such narrow specialists interact with surgeons in one team: otolaryngologists, mammologists, maxillofacial and vascular surgeons. This approach provides the patient with relief from appearance defects and concomitant diseases.

The operating departments equipped with modern equipment, which makes it possible to use innovative methods of operations. In the hospital, the baby and his mother are in a comfortable room and receive high-quality care and care of medical personnel. Our little patients quickly return to the joys of life.