Performed treatment procedures in the department of vascular surgery

Performed treatment procedures in the department of vascular surgery

Vascular surgery is one of the complex fields of modern medicine. Its significance is to eliminate pathologies of veins and arteries intertwined into a complex structure. The vascular system is a kind of moving highway that captures the entire human body. Blood circulating through the vessels provides work for the heart and other vital organs. And any failure in the system threatens serious complications, which, like the cause that caused them, are the task of vascular surgery. Vessels may be obstructed due to constant high pressure. This interferes with uninterrupted blood circulation, provokes heart problems.

In what cases do you need to see a doctor?

  • Vascular surgery eliminates problems of the venous system, arteries. It is possible to notice them at home on the following signs:
  • Hypostasis of legs.
  • Severity in the ankle.
  • Pain occurs during walking.
  • Feeling numb and tingling in limbs.
  • Ulcers formed on the skin.
  • Headache.
  • Incoordination.
  • Spasms.
  • Dizziness.
  • Vision and hearing problems.

Medical procedures

The Department of Vascular Surgery of the Israeli Tel Aviv Medical Clinic for both diagnostic and therapeutic activities equipped with the most advanced equipment. Our doctors regularly undergo internships in the most critical medical centers, have substantial practical experience. Modern medical methods used in the department. We favor minimally invasive treatment techniques, using the latest advances in medicine. Before the appointment of the procedure, our specialists must carry out a mandatory comprehensive examination to identify the essence of the violation, its cause.

For this purpose, the department equipped with high-information equipment, which allows us to carry out diagnostics accurately, painlessly, and quickly. Depending on the examination parameters and the characteristics of the patient 's body, a method of treatment chosen. We have non-traumatic procedures that do not require long-term recovery. We also perform unique operations by selecting the most effective ways. Doctors of the clinic also do not forget about the artistic side, trying to carry out procedures without remaining consequences in the form of scars. Tel Aviv Medical Clinic performs vascular adjustments of various levels of complexity, physiotherapy procedures, preventive and rehabilitation measures.

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