Neurosurgery Department: overview

Specialists of the leading Israeli clinic Tel Aviv Medical Clinic conduct surgical treatment of diseases of the nervous system. These diseases can be localized in the spinal cord or brain, or the peripheral nervous system. Our specialists are constantly undergoing continuing education courses. They own all the techniques available to modern neurosurgery. Our neurosurgeons have at their disposal modern equipment, including a Leica microscope and auxiliary systems, which allow high-quality treatment of diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system. The potential of the neurosurgical department is supplemented by high-precision radiosurgery - the CyberKnife system allows you to treat oncology and neurological diseases, in some cases without resorting to open surgery. The clinic has established rates at the state level. Thus, you get quality services for which you pay less. If necessary, our medical staff will help to contact charitable foundations to raise funds for treatment.

The diseases that we treat

In the Department of Neurosurgery, examination and treatment are carried out for various anomalies in the development of the brain and craniovertebral joint (connection of the head and neck), brain tumours. Also, neurosurgeons treat these diseases and pathologies:

  • Neoplasms; 
  • Hernia; 
  • Chronic back pain; 
  • Anomalies in the development of the spine; 
  • Neuropathy; 
  • Neuralgia; 
  • Damage acquired.


The main symptoms of a brain disease include: 

  • increased irritability and anxiety, 
  • insomnia, migraines and headaches, 
  • nervous tics, 
  • problems with memory, 
  • visual impairment, and much more. 

If one of these symptoms appears, consult a doctor immediately.


To make a correct diagnosis, the doctor uses the following research methods:

  • lumbar puncture; 
  • CT scan; 
  • Magnetic resonance imaging; 
  • angiography of the vessels of the brain and neck; 
  • ultrasound dopplerography.

With the help of diagnostics, the doctor determines in which cases you can limit yourself to drug therapy, and when surgery is required. But the operation is not a sentence. For example, neuroendoscopic surgery allows you to quickly and safely perform operations to remove intervertebral hernias. When treating patients in the neurosurgery department of the Tel Aviv Medical Clinic, minimally invasive neurosurgical operations are used, which use stereotactic and endoscopic devices, operating microscopes, and equipment, necessary to monitor the patient during and after surgery.


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