Radiotherapy Institute

One of the most dangerous and serious diseases is cancer, characterized by the appearance of a malignant tumour in the tissues of the affected organ. Predominantly, pathology is diagnosed in older people. There are several types of cancer, classified by anatomical location, the severity of disease development, histological form. Any oncological pathology involves a long and difficult treatment process, consisting of several stages. And still, doctors cannot give the patient a guarantee that after a while cancer will not appear again.

Radiation therapy is an integral part of the treatment of most cancers. The overall outcome of treatment depends on the quality of therapy. Therefore, the Israeli clinic Tel Aviv Medical Clinic of radiation therapy (radiotherapy) is no less important than other methods of cancer therapy. Treatment is carried out on a high-class linear accelerator. Radiation therapy for cancer is carried out on modern equipment that allows irradiation of tumours by the latest treatment protocols, as soon as they appear in the world.

When therapy is performed

The method of treatment is determined after a detailed diagnosis, strictly according to the indications.

  • Radiotherapy helps reduce tumour volume, thus improving surgical performance.
  • Radiation therapy is used in metastases, destroying malignant cells spread throughout the body.
  • Radiation attenuates painful sensations, facilitates the patient's condition.
  • As an independent type of treatment.

There is an effective use of radiation therapy in combination with chemotherapy or immunotherapy.

The diseases we treat

Specialists of the institute are engaged in the treatment of the following diseases: breast cancer;

  • skin cancer;
  • tumours of the body, cervix, vulva;
  • head and neck tumours;
  • thyroid tumours;
  • primary central nervous system tumours and metastases;
  • lung cancer;
  • lymphogranulomatosis and lymphomas;
  • cancer of the oesophagus, pancreas, liver cancer;
  • rectal tumours;
  • bone tumours and bone metastases;
  • myeloma disease;
  • tumours of the kidney, bladder, prostate, testicles.

The use of electromagnetic radiation or nuclear elementary particles is detrimental to abnormal cells that are damaged by a directed dose. Healthy cells may fall into the radiation zone, but they can recover. What method of radiation therapy is suitable for a particular case is decided by highly qualified doctors of the Israeli clinic, based on the expected goal.