Reconstruction of the chest wall due to a congenital disability

Reconstruction of the chest wall due to a congenital disability

Leading surgeons of the thoracic department of the Top Ichilov medical center quickly and without complications correct all types of defects in soft tissues and the chest's skeletal system. Surgical interventions performed by the best plastic surgery specialists with many years of experience. Based on the department, hundreds of restorative operations are performed annually for patients from different world countries.

During the operation, the damaged tissue excised, and fragments of bones removed. The defect is closed by an implant or natural tissues. In severe cases, reconstruction can be carried out using autotransplantation of the abdominal muscle in the place of the defect. 

Congenital disabilities operated on in children from the age of 3 years. The shape of the chest is corrected.

Diagnostics at Tel Aviv Medical Clinic 

  • traditional examination of the body condition: blood tests, radiography, ECG, etc.;
  • MRI, CT of the chest;
  • specialized consultations.

The duration of treatment depends on the type of operation and the patient's condition, sometimes the patient is under observation for up to two months. During rehabilitation, patients are allowed to consult with any specialists. The patients live in comfortable conditions. Child psychologists work with children. Adults are provided with psychological support by the best psychologists of the medical center.

Our clinic employs some of the best surgeons who have a vast medical practice and have all the necessary knowledge. They perform complex operations to reconstruct different parts of the body, restoring their function and shape.