Reconstructive and aesthetic surgery

Reconstructive and cosmetic surgery is engaged in correcting defects of the human body, congenital or acquired, improves the appearance of the body, eliminating errors and apparent disorders. In recent decades, this advanced branch of surgery has undergone significant positive changes, thanks to the achievements of medical professionals and scientists. Thus, it became possible to correct such anomalies, for which recently no one decided to take.

Our Tel Aviv Medical Clinic has expanded the range of quality comprehensive plastic and aesthetic services. Significant successes and unique developments in the surgical treatment of many shortcomings with health and normal functioning of the whole body allow our most experienced doctors to help people to free themselves from many ailments effectively. The main goal of our specialists is to improve the quality of life of patients, to return them to happy existence by getting rid of surgical problems.

What the Department of Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery specializes in

In any area of the body for various reasons, there may be a deviation from the norm, which prevents a person from feeling like a full person, understates self-esteem, causes several complexes, makes the society free, protect from people. Violation of harmonious functioning of a body can be connected with injuries, wounds, burns, accident consequences, not healing wounds, growth of new growths. Reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, replacing lost or damaged tissues with healthy ones, eliminate organ deformation, works in different areas of the body, including under the skin, bones, and muscles. Tel Aviv Medical Clinic corrects such congenital developmental pathologies:

  • Accrete fingers;
  • Cleft lip;
  • Wolf's mouth;
  • Other physical anomalies.

We also remove acquired defects, restore tissue damage, aesthetically improve human appearance. At the same time, acting according to modern methods, after surgery on the human body, our doctors leave almost no scars and scars. Tel Aviv Medical Clinic has a vast complex of operations related to skin, muscle, and joint reconstruction. And this is far from a complete list:

  • Removal of benign and malignant formations.
  • Treatment of facial nerve paralysis.
  • Removal of cysts.
  • Mammoplastika.
  • Plasticity of a fimoz.
  • Skin transplantation.
  • Treatment of ptosis, cysts, fistulas.
  • Genital surgery.
  • Face rejuvenation.
  • Plasticity of extremities.
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