Rehabilitation Hospital

In modern medicine, more and more attention is paid not only to methods of treatment and diagnosis, but also to the restoration of a person after therapy, especially after such serious diseases as oncology, neurological abnormalities, and the pathology of the endocrine system. Unfortunately, most diseases tend to relapse. To prevent this phenomenon, doctors use more intensive care regimens. As a result, the patient is more likely to have adverse reactions that need to be stopped. Most people after treatment need to recover to return to active life. At the Israeli clinic, Tel Aviv Medical Clinic has situated the country's best rehabilitation hospital. Specialists in it assist in various areas. This approach helps the patient get rid of unnecessary experiences and the risk of a side effect.

When rehabilitation is needed

In patients with severe illnesses, complications often arise that are associated with surgery or radiation. A person may have somatic and psychological problems, which are difficult to get rid of without the help of specialists. Surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation exposure cause damage to the body that does not appear immediately. Therefore, the doctors of our clinic do not recommend the patient to be discharged immediately, he needs to undergo a rehabilitation course.

The main tasks of the recovery period are: 

  • Removal of pain syndrome;
  • Restoration of body functions;
  • Improvement of the patient's psychological state;
  • Revitalization of lifestyle;
  • Correction of risk factors;
  • Increased resistance to physical stress and others.

Our clinic uses an integrated approach to rehabilitation. Thus, our patients will be able to consult with other narrow specialists.

Why you need to contact us 

Patients from all over the world apply to our clinic. We are chosen for the following reasons:

  • Our specialists develop an individual rehabilitation method for each patient.
  • A psychologist is available at the parent-child support centre.
  • The clinic has established rates at the state level.
  • Our doctors have vast practical experience and knowledge.
  • We provide 24/7 care and supervision to our patients.
  • Our department is equipped with modern equipment.

Thus, the doctors of our clinic manage to help a person return to an active lifestyle in a short period.


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