Spinal Rehabilitation Department

In some cases, surgery is the only solution to relieve problems associated with the spine and spinal cord. However, for the full recovery of the body, time and a complex of medical procedures are needed, which are aimed at restoring motor function and eliminating the consequences after surgery.

At Tel Aviv Medical Clinic, Israel's leading medical centre, the Department of Spine Neurosurgery has been specializing in bone diseases for over 10 years. Our specialists have extensive knowledge and skills for surgical intervention, and also develop an individual rehabilitation program, taking into account the patient's condition.

The main tasks of rehabilitation 

The main goal of developing a recovery scheme after surgery is: 

  • relieving the patient from pain and seizures;
  • normalization of the general condition;
  • normalization of physical and biomechanical parameters;
  • elimination of neurological reaction;
  • renewal of limb mobility;
  • strengthening of muscle tone;
  • restoration of the functions of the musculoskeletal system.

For the recovery period to be as effective as possible, the doctor not only develops a rehabilitation scheme but also monitors the patient's health and behaviour at each stage of the measures.

Features of rehabilitation

The most effective approach to patient rehabilitation is to follow complex procedures, which include: 

  • drug treatment;
  • carrying out physiotherapy procedures;
  • exercise therapy;
  • stay in a sanatorium.

After the first weeks after surgery, patients feel severe pain in the spine and limited movement. A person cannot perform usual actions and he constantly needs qualified help. This situation negatively affects the mental state of the patient and can lead to the development of depression. Therefore, in addition to the above measures, the patient needs the help of a psychotherapist.

Expert advice

During the first month after the operation, it is necessary to avoid any stress on the back, wear a corset no more than three hours a day. During this period, the patient should not sit, it is permissible to be in a lying position, reclining or half-sitting. Experts do not recommend self-medication and lifting more than 3 kg. A balanced diet and avoiding alcohol or smoking abuse contribute to the early recovery of the body. Thus, by contacting us you get quality services for which you pay less. Our staff will help you cope with even the most difficult situation.


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