Spine Tumors & Spinal Cancer

Tumours of the spinal cord that form in the region of the spine, by origin, are divided into malignant and benign. They can develop inside the hard shell of the brain, from the outside, from the tissues of the vertebrae. Early treatment usually has a favourable prognosis with an adequate approach and accurate diagnosis. A progressive neoplasm can compress the spinal cord, blood vessels, causing serious disorders, including muscle and sensory dysfunction. The appearance of the disease is associated with a hereditary predisposition, viral infections, exposure to toxic substances, genetic abnormality.


Most often, the tumour does not manifest itself in the initial stages. Only with its growth does a person begin to feel unpleasant soreness in the affected area. In addition, the intensity of the development of neoplasms may have such signs:

  • Back pain, initially aching and weak, worsening over time, especially at night. It can be given to the limbs, lower back and different parts of the body.
  • Muscle strength is significantly weakened, sensitivity is lost.
  • There are a tingling sensation and numbness.
  • Urinary incontinence, problems with bowel movements.
  • Difficulty walking, down to a fall.
  • Spinal deformity.
  • Paralysis.

Diagnosis and treatment

Any complex and dangerous disease, such as a neoplasm of the spinal cord that can lead to disability and death, requires qualified treatment. For medical assistance, many turn to the Israeli Tel Aviv Medical Clinic, whose staff consists mainly of experienced specialists, professionals of the highest level. To diagnose cancer, our doctors will conduct an examination with a reflex test. They have advanced equipment in their arsenal, which allows receiving detailed information in diagnostics using modern devices: 

  • Computed tomography. 
  • MRI. 
  • Radiography.
  • Myelography. 
  • Angiography.

Treatment of the pathology depends on the results of the examination, on the type, structure and location of the tumour. Tel Aviv Medical Clinic uses unique, effective methods to remove neoplasms and possible metastases surgically, in combination with radiation therapy and medication. The overwhelming majority of patients after a course of treatment recover safely and return to a full life.

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