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Experts have found that the most common form of pain in the world is spinal pain. In 85% of cases, it is caused by various disorders of the spine: congenital or acquired. Most people have a more or less obvious pathology of the spinal column. Osteochondrosis is considered the most common disease, followed by scoliosis, traumatic injuries, inflammatory processes, congenital malformations, neoplasms. About 10% of patients with these problems require surgery. Spinal surgery, despite the modern development of medicine, remains a very complex and responsible treatment method, which requires high skill of the doctor and modern equipment of the clinic.

The Tel Aviv Medical Clinic in Israel employs experienced highly qualified surgeons who can cope with even the most difficult cases of spinal pathologies. Innovative equipment for operations provides maximum accuracy and safety for the health of the patient. Treatment abroad is an organic combination of neurosurgery, neurology and orthopedics to achieve a successful and quick result.

Diseases that we treat

Our qualified doctors help patients cope with the following pathologies: 

  • acquired and congenital deformities; 
  • stenosis; 
  • spinal canal injuries and associated disorders; 
  • spinal instability; 
  • osteochondrosis; spinal tuberculosis; 
  • osteoporosis; 
  • disc protrusion; 
  • intervertebral hernia; 
  • Ankylosing spondylitis; 
  • severe forms of scoliosis or kyphosis; 
  • spondylolisthesis (displacement of the vertebrae);
  • primary tumors and metastases.


In our clinic, for each specific case of the disease, an individual scheme of medical procedures is developed, taking into account the stage of development, variety and localization of the problem. Israel is famous for the fact that doctors use innovative methods of surgery that minimize the risk of intervention. The use of high-tech devices to stabilize the spine helps not only to eliminate the problem, but also to maintain health.

At the same time, the price of services remains affordable, especially when compared with similar medical care in Germany or America. A minimally invasive treatment technique provides a short recovery period and minimal tissue invasiveness with high accuracy of intervention. Modern surgical robotic systems help bring it to life. Thanks to them, you can leave in the past a painful and long treatment for scoliosis and other diseases of the spine.