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Periodic back pain is a common problem. Most cases of pain are the result of normal exertion and sprains or degenerative changes that appear with age. But sometimes the cause of the pain can be a spinal tumour - a malignant or benign neoplasm that develops in the spinal cord, its membranes or in the bones of the spine.

In most organs, benign tumours do not pose great danger. But with regard to the spinal cord, things can happen differently. A spinal tumour or any kind of neoplasm can affect the nerves, which leads to pain, neurological disorders, and sometimes paralysis. A spinal tumour, malignant or benign, can be life-threatening and cause disability. However, advances in the treatment of spinal tumours offer treatment options not previously available to patients with such a disease.

Depending on the location and type of the tumour, other signs and symptoms may develop, especially during the growth and exposure of cancer to the spinal cord or nerve roots, blood vessels or spinal bones. Spinal tumours progress at different speeds. In general, malignant tumours grow rapidly, while benign tumours can develop slowly.

The diseases that we treat

The spinal neurosurgery department of the leading Israeli clinic Tel Aviv Medical Clinic is a multidisciplinary specialized institution, which employs neurosurgeons and neuropathologists of the highest category. Our employees undergo special training annually in leading foreign research centres. We use unique methods of therapy and modern equipment. The wards of our department are equipped with everything necessary for the speedy recovery of patients. Our medical staff provides round-the-clock care and control to patients. We set tariffs at the state level. Thus, you get a wide range of quality services at an affordable price. If necessary, our staff will help to contact charitable foundations to raise funds for treatment.

Our experts help patients cope with the following pathologies: 

  • Intervertebral hernias;
  • Attacks of epilepsy;
  • Earlier injuries;
  • Stenosis of the spinal canal;
  • Osteochondrosis;
  • Chronic back pain;
  • Neuralgia;
  • Decreased libido due to circulatory disorders;
  • Numbness of the limbs;
  • Bone defect;
  • The presence of a tumour;
  • Tuberous sclerosis;
  • Syringomyelia;
  • Hemifacial spasm.

The elimination of malignant tumours is given special attention. Our clinic uses the latest generation of equipment, so you can correctly determine the location of the neoplasm, its variety, degree of spread, the presence of metastases in other organs and systems of the body.