Surgery for congenital limb deformities

Surgery for congenital limb deformities

All congenital limb pathologies can be divided into two groups:

  1. Anomalies in the development of hands - deformity of the joints, hypoplasia of the thumb, clubhand, polydactyly (presence of more fingers), adactyly (lack of digits), brachydactyly (short toes), syndactyly (fusion of fingers), absence of a hand or its cleft, etc.
  2. Anomalies in the legs' development - dysplasia of the hip joints (malformation of the acetabulum when it thickened, and the head of the femur is underdeveloped), congenital dislocation (hip, collarbone, hip joint), clubfoot, etc.

Doctors still have not established the exact causes of congenital limb injuries in children. But among the possible factors, there is a hereditary predisposition, pathologies of intrauterine development, the impact of negative factors on the fetus, injuries received during childbirth, etc.

Doctors detect any symptoms of congenital limb injuries in children in the early stages of pregnancy and eliminate them professionally and quickly, using all methods available in modern medicine.

Treatment at Tel Aviv Medical Clinic

If the pathology cannot be corrected using conservative therapy methods, they resort to surgical intervention. Surgical treatment of congenital anomalies of children's limbs can be carried out in a traditional or microsurgical manner. Minimally invasive interventions make it possible to shorten the operation duration, reduce the number of drugs used, and reduce tissue trauma. It also reduces the risk of complications and shortens the rehabilitation period.

  • Transplantation of adjacent muscles or fixation of little phalanges with a bone graft in complex hypoplasia of the thumb to restore its functionality.
  • Rapprochement of the bones of the hand in the presence of a cleft • Removal of extra fingers.
  • Separation of fused fingers performed in a low-traumatic way - tissue is dissected at the fusion site, after which plastic surgery performed.
  • Foot-to-hand finger or joint transplants are usually performed by multiple doctors to reduce risks and shorten surgery time.
  • Application of the Ilizarov apparatus.

The best argument in favor of how effective the treatment of congenital limb injuries in children at Tel Aviv Medical Clinic is feedback from the parents of the clinic's little patients.