Surgery for Metastatic Melanoma

Surgery for Metastatic Melanoma

Skin melanoma is a malignant formation that develops from pigment-forming cells. The doctor reveals pathology in open areas of the skin that are exposed to sun exposure. A person may not pay attention to the development of a dangerous disease for a long time. Often people turn to a specialist already at an advanced stage. However, early diagnosis of melanoma significantly increases the patient's chances of a full recovery. Therefore, it is so important to consciously treat your health.

Causes of the disease

Oncology of the skin can occur due to exposure to environmental factors and may be a congenital anomaly. Experts highlight the following risk factors for the appearance of melanoma:

  • The presence of birthmarks, ulcers, burns, or skin dysplasia in a person;
  • Exposure to chemicals and radiation;
  • Solar radiation.


Each person can examine on their own and pay attention to such auspicious signs:

  • An increase in lymph nodes;
  • Strengthening or reduction of skin pigmentation;
  • Spot growth and hardening;
  • The appearance of redness and stagnation;
  • Development of pigmented radiant growths;
  • Colour change;
  • Spot asymmetry;
  • Bleeding for no reason.

An experienced doctor will conduct the necessary diagnostics and select an individual therapy regimen.


Our Tel Aviv Medical Clinic has a real team of professionals. Every year, our employees improve their skills in leading institutions in Europe and America. We try to create comfortable conditions for staying in the hospital at all stages of therapy. It is worth noting that the department has established tariffs at the state level. Thus, you get a wide range of services at a reduced price. If necessary, our medical staff will help raise funds for treatment.

The choice of treatment for melanoma depends on the stage of the disease. In the initial stage of the disease, treatment is limited to surgical removal of the tumour. When a tumour spreads in the skin or regional (i.e., located close to the nevus) lymph nodes, in addition to surgical treatment, adjuvant treatment is also used - after the operation, radiation or biological treatment is performed. In the case of advanced cancer, all treatment methods are combined depending on the number of lesions and their location. Unfortunately, in the presence of metastases, there is no completely curable treatment method, and the goal of treatment, in this case, is to prolong life and reduce complaints caused by the tumour.