Surgical treatment of scars and giant congenital moles

Surgical treatment of scars and giant congenital moles

The appearance of scars and scars on the skin is the body's normal defense reaction to damage. But the presence of a visible mark in place of a seemingly small scratch is a serious aesthetic problem. Some scars can be removed with cosmetologists' help, but in more complicated cases, plastic surgeons come to the rescue.

Pigmented spots, moles or nevi in ​​children still formed in utero due to the accumulation of melanocyte cells in the skin. However, they are so insignificant in size that they rarely determined by eye in newborns. Typical marks can be found on the baby's body a few weeks after birth or even after one year. A new "wave" of birthmarks often occurs at 5-6 years of age and in adolescence.

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In most cases, the type and size of the scar will require plastic surgery. During the preliminary consultation, the doctor examines the patient, collects anamnesis, and checks if there are any contraindications. After the examination, the patient assigned an operation, during which the doctor removes the scar.

Plastic surgery allows the doctor to eliminate excess scar tissue, match the wound's edges as accurately as possible, and apply a cosmetic suture, which will be removed after a few days. After the operation, to obtain a more pronounced effect, drug therapy, or a course of procedures in the department of aesthetic medicine can be prescribed.

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Before removing a pigmented neoplasm, the doctor draws up a picture of the patient's condition. The following factors are taken into account:

  • location on mucous membranes, soles, perineum, scalp;
  • the uncharacteristic motley coloration of the nevus, suspicious growth, irregular edges;
  • congenital pigmented skin nevus or acquired form;
  • the presence of itching, bleeding, pain.

There is a good selection of methods for removing pigmented moles. The most popular of them are those whose effectiveness has been confirmed by great practice:

  1. Radio wave removal using a radio coagulator
  2. Electrocoagulation by current, thermal injury
  3. Cryodestruction - destruction by cold with the formation of a crust that protects the site from infections.
  4. Surgical excision with the capture of healthy tissue and adipose tissue.