The Center for Breast Health

The Center for Breast Health

Unfortunately, a lot of women aged 30-50 years old face breast diseases. Not everyone consciously refers to their health and turns to a qualified specialist. Bad habits, negative environmental factors, improper diet can cause hormonal failure and pathologies of the mammary gland. 

The Breast Health Center at Tel Aviv Medical Clinic, a leading Israeli clinic, employs experienced doctors who treat breast diseases. Our department is equipped with the latest equipment, which allows the use of unique methods of therapy. Every year, our employees improve their skills in leading research centres. Our staff provides round-the-clock care and control to patients. The clinic has established rates at the state level. Thus, you get quality services for which you pay less. If necessary, our staff will help raise funds for treatment.

Visit a specialist

If you notice the occurrence of the following symptoms, you should immediately consult a mammologist: 

  • Change in colour, the shape of the nipples;
  • The appearance of seals in the chest;
  • The sensation of pain in the chest or armpits;
  • The occurrence of ulcers;
  • Change in skin condition;
  • Failure of menstruation;
  • Discharge from the nipples.

An experienced specialist will conduct the necessary research and select individual therapy taking into account the characteristics of the development of the disease and the general health of the patient.


At the reception, the doctor will conduct an examination, analyze the patient's complaints. To clarify the diagnosis, the following research methods are used:

  • breast puncture biopsy under ultrasound control (trepanbiopsy, fine needle biopsy);
  • breast ultrasound;
  • digital mammography;
  • computed tomography of the mammary glands;
  • MR mammography;
  • a smear of the detached breast for cytological examination;
  • immunohistochemical examination of malignant neoplasms of the mammary gland;
  • determination of the genetic risk of developing breast and ovarian cancer.


In our clinic, an experienced mammologist will help the fair sex to cope with such pathologies:

  • Lactostasis;
  • Mastopathy;
  • Cyst;
  • Mastitis;
  • Adenoma.

Often, the following treatment methods are used to treat various pathologies:

  • Hormone therapy;
  • Taking medications;
  • Conducting physiotherapy;
  • Compliance with sleep and rest;
  • Surgery to detect a tumour.