For what it is necessary to the department of surgery of chest organs

The Department of Chest Organ Surgery of the Israeli Tel Aviv Medical Clinic has been functioning for more than ten years and is considered one of the best. Our hospital is equipped with modern equipment, the medical staff uses innovative treatment technologies. The doctor of each patient will select therapy tactics taking into account his condition, presence of contraindications, and stage of the disease.

Who needs our services?

Our specialists will help patients with lung cancer, tumor presence in the thoracic area, esophageal problems, chest deformation after bruising or congenital abnormality, various pulmonary infections, severe pulmonary emphysema, hyperhidrosis and other diseases of the sternum organs.

As there take place operations

In the chest surgery department in 80% of cases, services are carried out using minimally invasive methods. This method is the most effective and safe compared to the opening of the whole chest and the extension of the ribs. During the procedure between the bones, the doctor makes an incision for the introduction of the chamber and surgical instruments. However, in some cases, specialists resort to traditional surgery.

What are the advantages of a minimally invasive technique?

This transaction has several benefits:

  • Low pain syndrome after surgery;
  • Reducing the time spent in the hospital after the procedure;
  • The ability to operate on seriously ill patients;
  • Minimum cuts on the body;
  • Preservation of respiratory function;
  • Minimum complications after surgery;
  • High chances of recovery.

What operations are carried out by surgeons of the department?

Our specialists have extensive knowledge and experience of complex surgical procedures, in particular:

  • lobectomy;
  • pneumonectomy;
  • Removal of neoplasms in the esophagus and lungs;
  • Reduced lung volume in emphysema;
  • Correction of abnormalities of thoracic region development;
  • Heart surgery;
  • Biopsy for histological and cytological studies.

Treatment of chest diseases

Our Tel Aviv Medical Clinic has qualified staff who provide their services in the field of minimally invasive operations on the lungs, esophagus, heart, and other organs of the thoracic cavity. Our medical team practices comprehensive treatment of sternum diseases and works in close cooperation with oncologists, gastroenterologists, diagnoses, and others. Our specialists take care of each patient and create comfortable stays in our clinic.

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