Thyroid cancer: symptoms, diagnostic methods, treatment

Thyroid cancer: symptoms, diagnostic methods, treatment

The task of the thyroid gland is to synthesize hormones responsible for regulating the vital functions of the body. They provide metabolic processes, palpitations, normal blood pressure, temperature.

Thyroid oncology recognized as a common form of cancer of the endocrine organs. A malignant neoplasm formed in the thyroid gland. In medicine, it designated as thyroid carcinoma. Pathology occurs in patients of various ages. In most cases, they detected in people over thirty years of age. Mostly affects the female body. Men are less likely to get thyroid cancer.

Of great importance is the hereditary factor. In the presence of pathological disease in relatives, the risk of developing oncology increases. After forty years, the disease manifests itself in patients susceptible to radiation exposure. According to statistics, the condition occurs regardless of the presence of predisposing factors.

Symptoms of thyroid cancer

The initial stage of the development of the pathological process in the thyroid gland is asymptomatic. With the progression of the tumor formation, its proliferation, characteristic signs appear:

  • Attacks of dry, unproductive cough;
  • Scratching, tickling in the larynx, chest;
  • Enlarged cervical lymph nodes;
  • Pain in the cervical, laryngeal region;
  • Complications of swallowing function;
  • The appearance of hoarseness in the voice;
  • Dense nodular formation in the area of ​​the thyroid gland.

Diagnostic methods for thyroid oncology

Primary diagnosis includes an examination by a specialist. He interviews the patient, forms the initial clinical picture. An analysis of the body prescribed. Effective diagnostic techniques:

  • Genetic tests;
  • Scanning using radioactive substances;
  • Indirect method of laryngoscopy. Analyzes the functional activity of the recurrent nerves;
  • Research on a computer tomography;
  • Ultrasound diagnosis of lymph nodes, thyroid gland;
  • Positron emission tomography;
  • Fine needle biopsy of the liver;
  • Hormonal blood test of the patient.

Thyroid Cancer Treatment at Tel Aviv Medical Clinic

The largest medical center in Tel Aviv is at the forefront of oncology clinics in the world. It fully equipped with innovative devices, high-tech equipment. The doctors of the center are highly qualified specialists with many diplomas, awards, and many years of work experience.

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