Vascular surgery

One of the most responsible, complex, and essential industries in medicine is vascular surgery. It is responsible for a unique system covering the entire human body through which blood moves. The coherence and continuity of this highway are managed by a vascular surgeon, who is referred to in case of system problems. Blood, circulating in a closed space under high pressure, moves at a considerable speed.

But sometimes, for various reasons, including due to the aging of the body, there are obstacles in its way. The resulting plaques interfere with vigorous circulation, and the heart has to try with double strength to cope with its function. And this unsustainable sometimes burden for him, leads to serious health problems.

What vascular surgery does?

The Department of Cardiovascular System is responsible for the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of pathological processes occurring with vessels, which are very many in the human body. Vascular surgery can, therefore, be divided into two main subdivisions:

  • Problems with the venous system. Around the world, the varicose disease is common, which can be encountered by one in four inhabitants of the planet. It 's a chronic venous failure, thrombosis, thrombophlebitis, varicosis. The doctor involved in this industry is called a "phlebologist."
  • Serious artery pathologies. It is atherosclerosis, aneurysms, and as a result of affected vessels - stroke, a scourge of modern society, which is one of the most frequent causes of disability and mortality.

What preventive measures will help reduce the risk of disease?

For the health of arteries, the main criterion remains a healthy lifestyle, balanced nutrition, reliable and regular physical activity. The condition and functioning of the vascular system are adversely affected:

  • Smoking and alcohol.
  • Slow-moving lifestyle or sitting work.
  • Irrational food.
  • Excess weight.
  • Hormonal diseases.
  • Difficult delivery.

For arteries, especially lower limbs, frequent walking, moderate sports is useful. Those at risk are recommended to take particular drugs that improve vein dynamics, increase vascular tone.

Vascular surgery at Tel Aviv Medical Clinic

The Israeli clinic, equipped with modern equipment, carries out unique operations connecting various surgical approaches, which helps to avoid complications and injuries. Experienced specialists follow promising directions aimed at effective treatment and return of the patient to a full lifestyle. Problems with the cardiovascular system are solved by both sophisticated techniques and non-invasive procedures or surgery.