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Tel Aviv Medical Clinic - English

You are invited to use the best medical services available in Israel

Tel Aviv Medical Clinic, located in the center of Tel-Aviv (Israel) has offered the first-rate medical services to patients from all over the world. Our treatment regimens are made up specially for each patient. The best doctors specializing on Your individual disease and cutting edge medical technologies for performing definite treatment procedures are to your service. Each department, along with the most up-to-date diagnostics and treatment methods, carries out advanced research, whose results are used by medical centers of the world.

High standards of medical service

Medical institutions of Israel are leading the world in standards and quality of the medical services offered.

Tel Aviv Medical Clinic has been cooperating with leading Israeli clinics for many years. Our patients and their attendants are granted an opportunity of living in a modern hotel situated on the territory of the medical center, or comfortable flats, which are several minutes away from the sea and within 15-20 minutes ride from the center.

Reasonable prices

The cost of our treatment is much lower than that of Western Europe and the USA medical institutions. For many people it is a telling argument when choosing treatment abroad. Patients are getting a high-class treatment at a relatively low price, which compromises neither quality of the services rendered, nor safety of the treatment performed. Opportunity to start the treatment immediately Our patients are our top priority! Patients of Tel Aviv Medical Clinic don’t have to wait for their turn in long waiting lists. We make up individual regimen for treatment of each patient and do our best for our patients to receive the highest-quality treatment in the shortest possible terms.

Personal help and support

Personal medical adviser speaking a patient’s mother tongue, attends each patient within all his/her stay at treatment and helps in solution of various issues, enabling patient to feel like home. VIP service in the airport, transfer and shipping operations are also available. Tel Aviv Medical Clinic is way to Your health!

Tel Aviv Medical Clinic

Healthcare system in Israel has achieved significant breakthrough in prevention, diagnostics and treatment of a number of diseases. Israel holds leading positions in pharmacology, cancer treatment, surgery, cardiology, technical innovations development, transplantology, endoprosthesis replacement and other areas of modern medicine. Israeli Healthcare system is rightly considered one of the most highly developed in the world. 

To prove this statement, it is enough to mention several facts: 

1. Average life in Israel is one of the longest in the world, whereas infant and children’s mortality is one of the lowest (particularly, lower than in Europe)

2. Myocardial infarction mortality in Israel is one of the lowest in the world

3. Israel holds a leading position in the world according to share of investments from gross revenue to medical scientific research.

A high standard of medical service is maintained at all stages from diagnostics to aftercare. More than 6000 employees are working at the Center, of whom doctors – 1300 (more than 650 clinical specialists), of whom professors make up 10%. Our Center yearly admits more than 1,300,000 patients, each year we conduct more than 31,000 operations. 60 in-patient and more than 150 outpatient departments function at the Center, besides, 7 profile centers, institutes of genetics, gastroenterology, cardiology, several laboratories equipped with the most up-to-date equipment. The Center has gained a world-wide recognition due to outstanding doctors famous for their profound knowledge of medicine and pioneer methods of treatment, as well as advanced technologies owing to which, the Center can offer patients pioneer treatment methods, diagnostic testing and the most advanced medical help. The Center has close cooperation with Medical School Sackler at the University of Tel-Aviv and nurses school Sheinborn in the area of research and education. 

The most complicated cases of adult and child neurosurgery, orthopaedic and surgical oncology, renal, pancreas and liver transplantation, microneurosurgery and injuries are referred to our Center. Every year, more than 20,000 patients from all over the world come to our Center for treatment. Thus, our Center specializes on diagnostics and treatment of the widest range of diseases, practicing multidisciplinary and patient-oriented approach to treatment. We do not offer standard solutions and standard examination packages. In each definite case, we perform a preliminarily study of patient’s case history, his/her current state, results of examinations conducted, and current complaints, which results in subsequent individual examination regimen for each particular case.

Structure of the Tel Aviv Medical Clinic

1. Oncology center.
2. Center for Diagnostics and Prevention of Cancer.
3. Surgery center.
4. Hematology center.
5. Lung InstituteEndocrinology Institute.
6. Child hospital.
7. Heart Institute.
8. Institute for gastrointestinal tract and liver diseases (gastroenterology center).
9. National neurosurgery center.
10. All-Israeli national nephrological center.
11. Artificial fertilization center (ECО).
12. Genetics Institute.
13. Maternity home.
14. Encatarrhaphy Center.

International department of our Center attends each patient from the moment of his/her application. Having drafted initial examination (treatment) regimen, we help with booking tickets and subsequent residing in Israel, then we meet patient and his/her accompanying persons at the airport. From the moment of arrival, patient is provided with Russian-speaking medical coordinator accompanying him/her during his/her entire stay in Israel, coordinating all treatment procedures, correcting medical program according to the results of examinations, resolving all issues relating everyday life and leisure time.

Advantage of Tel Aviv Medical Clinic:

1. We do not use the mediators’ services.
2. All remedial- diagnostic measures are conducted at the Center and performed by the best specialists.
3. Patient can choose the level of services ranging from lux to economy class, remedial- diagnostic measures being the same high standard irrespective of the service level.
4. For all time of your treatment in Israel, and stay at our Center, You will be accompanied by our employee performing translation and helping with everyday life issues.
5. There is no need in advance payment.
6. There is a hotel on the Center grounds, in which patients stay during diagnostics and treatment period, though at your wish, our administrator can book a hotel apartment for You at any Tel-Aviv hotel, or rent a separate flat.
7. For citizens of Russia and Ukraine coming to Israel for treatment, visa is not needed; though we do our best to help citizens of other countries of the former Soviet Union obtain it.
8. Taking into account that payment is made in USD and Euro, our treatment prices are lower by a factor of ten than in Europe.