Accreditation of medical services - guaranteed quality of services

The JCI Commission around the world is known for its impartiality, professionalism. It certifies clinics, medical centers in hundreds of countries. Medical clinic in Tel Aviv in 2014. The certificate provided by the clinic confirmed the compliance of medical services in the institution with the highest RAS requirements and standards.

It took several years to obtain a certificate. The final stage involves a thorough check of all departments of the hospital. At the end of the stage, specialists must meet all the requirements for hospitals in an ultramodern format.

The official online portal of the Tel Aviv Medical Center provides information on accreditation. The resource is included in the list of patients who have successfully passed JCI accreditation. The commission of experts is led by Angela Norton. She noted clinical, organizational techniques, hospital standards, as high-class, effective approaches to treating patients.

According to Angela Norton, the Tel Aviv Medical Clinic received a very high rating during the tests, compared to previous tests. Today, the demand, popularity of medical tourism is growing rapidly. Israeli medicine is known for its high level of quality and effectiveness.

The clinic provides services to citizens of the United States, Europe, Ukraine, the Russian Federation and other parts of the world. Tel Aviv Medical Center is the leading hospital in the world. Tel Aviv Medical Clinic guarantees an ultramodern, high-quality, affordable treatment.